FydeOS 13.1 review: How to Install FydeOS or Dual boot with Windows



  • FydeOS 13 can run Android and Linux apps.
  • Delivers unmatched performance for Iris Xe users.

FydeOS is an operating system that is based on the Chromium OS as you know it. Then see you know you cannot simply officially install Chrome OS on a Windows or Mac computer. With this operating system you can quickly make a bootable USB and run it on your computer it supports a majority of laptops and computers. If you are looking to test Chrome operating system with minimal effort to install on your computer FydeOS is a good option that you have for free.

FydeOS is based on chromium to run on Intel-based computers. Version 13 is running on Chromium r92 and supports Android and Linux Apps. Despite you won’t find the play store as it was mainly focused on the Chinese market where Google services are banned. Still, you can sideload Android apps or. It is available as a PC and VMWare system image.

Version 13 Review: Starting from this version you could start using it with an offline account, where you would not be asked to create a FydeOS account. The download is now separated for users with Intel 3rd to 8th generation and users with Iris Xe graphics.

You can log in with Google Account on FydeOS, for that to work registration is required with a FydeOS account. However, you can browse as a guest to avoid this but that limits you to basic features. Starting from version 13 you can set up an offline account.

Fyde OS home screen screenshot is a Chrome OS fork that can run Android Apps too
FydeOS as of 2020 Oct version 10

FydeOS because…

  • Runs Chrome Extensions, Android and Linux Apps* That’s epic actually.
  • Chrome fork with more extra features such as Google Sync.
  • Linux Kernal is 5.4 (8th, 9th, and 10th gen processor support)

The new version was insanely fast and booted in under 20 seconds. This is tested on a HP ENVY laptop (Intel i7 8th gen). Android subsystem and related functionalities are limited to Intel series graphics cards. We are quite impressed to see how it manages to run Linux Apps and Android apps together. That being said you could install Chrome extensions, Android Apps, and Linux Apps on FydeOS. Based on Chromium OS we found both Google’s Assistant and Play store are missing.

*Enable Android and Linux support before sideloading apps.

  • Name FydeOS for PC
  • Version: v13.1
  • Adapt to the x86 architecture Intel graphics model
  • Based on Chromium OS release-R92
  • Release date 2022

FydeOS 13.1 Download (64-bit) Only

Either RUFUS (1MB) or Etcher (100+MB) can be used to make a bootable USB.

How to Boot FydeOS from USB Drive

  • This will keep your session data saved in USB drive.
  • You don’t need to interfare with original OS on y our computer.
  1. You will need to save the image file to your computer and a pen drive with a minimum of 8GB of space these days 32GB pen drives are common.
  2. Get RUFUS (1MB) and open it.
  3. Select the IMG using the browse button in Rufus tool and locate the FydeOS IMG file.
  4. Plug your USB DRIVE and click on Start Button.
  5. Creating a bootable device using a 3.1 USB drive takes only a few minutes, and if you use USB 2.0, the boot time and performance will be bad.
  6. Go ahead, press the restart button on your PC and select the USB drive to boot. Some common boot device menu keys are F9, Del, ESC and F2.

How to enable android subsystem; FydeOS

Installing Android apps on FydeOS from the Play store is not possible, Applications for Android must be sideloaded in order to be used.

  1. Press Windows key to open start bar, scroll and find Android app.
  2. Open and accept License and terms.
  3. You can now download Android app (.apk) from site like ApkMirror and install them.

these screenshots depict the process to enable Android app on system.

How to Dual Boot FydeOS with Windows 10/11

  • This emilates the need of plugging USB Drive in order to start OS, this also keeps your session data saved on hard drive.
  • It might be hard to sustain boot records to propoerly dual boot between both OS.

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