How to Get Windows 10 ISO (32-bit & 64-Bit) Legally and Original

Hello, this post will discuss several ways to obtain a free Windows 10 ISO file. You do not need to buy another key if you are currently running a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8. Instead, you can install Windows 10 ISO to upgrade your existing Windows. However, if you do not have a license key from Microsoft, you may need to purchase one. Sometimes, users may not be satisfied with the performance of their Windows and may opt for a clean installation instead of a repair. This can address problems caused by software configurations. Since Windows 10 is a relatively old system, fewer laptops may come with a Windows 10 installation disc. In such cases, users may not have the setup media required to install Windows on their computers.

Special note:  if you are having a problem with your computer’s hardware configuration, you should try these 12 fast operating systems or alternative operating systems you can install on your computer.

Use the Microsoft tool to Get Windows 10

When you have a fast internet.

Recently Microsoft released an official tool to offer Windows 10 setup ISO and create installation media: DVD or USB. Using this media creation tool, you’ll have Windows 10 upgrade for free. This tool needs a good internet connection because it will download the files from Microsoft servers between 3-4 GB.

Interested people can visit the official Microsoft page to get Windows 10 setup ISO files:

Get Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft.

If you want to use A download manager to save Windows 10 ISO.

Microsoft provides free Windows 10 and updates (ISO files) to users, links are mentioned below.

[Official Microsoft link] Genuine Windows 10 ISO (32-bit and 64-bit)

But it seems Microsoft has removed the files from the server, and the company is no longer providing Windows 10 setup ISO files for download to the public. Now, You have a few options to Download Windows 10.

Save it on a cloud.

The generated Windows 10 ISO links will expire after 24 hours, meaning when paused and after time, you won’t be able to resume. Some manager has support to renew links (i.e., IDM) despite, maybe the time you will generate the link again; Microsoft may have updated the ISO to a newer version, and this will end up with a corrupted ISO file. Here is an easy workaround.

When Windows 10 ISO direct link is generated, you can use some cloud storage to store the ISO file, If you want to complete the download in a few days with resume ability.

To do that, right-click on the generated link, copy it, and use a cloud storage to save them. You can remotely fetch the ISO file to some online cloud storage, and later, you can download the file; we just did this to remove the link expiry stuff.

Other options

Get Windows 10 ISO from unofficial websites (Not recommended)

Note: Storing copyright data on a website is against DMCA law. Some Unofficial Site that provides ISO links to Windows 10, But you need to beware because most of them may be infected or corrupted. A site like GetIntoPC is more likely used if you want to a Windows 10 ISO offline to your computer. Only save Windows 10 ISO according to your computer.

How to Deal with the ISO.

A. Instead, you should know your computer architecture. If it is 32-bit, you should get a 32-bit ISO. For 64-bit computers, get a 64-bit Windows 10 ISO file.

B. Once you have obtained the Windows 10 ISO file via a direct link, move it to your computer. You will need a tool like Rufus to create bootable USB media to install Windows 10 on your computer.

C. Plug the USB into your PC and restart your computer. When asked to boot into Windows 10 installation, press any key to start the process.

D. Follow the instructions and proceed with the installation until you are asked about the “installation type.” Choose “Upgrade” to use your old Windows key to register Windows 10.

Select “Custom” if you want to install Windows 10 as a clean installation. You can choose the particular disk drive to either format it or leave it as it is. If you don’t format the drive, your old Windows files will be moved to a folder on the installation drive, so you can retrieve old files if necessary or related.

NOTE: The Windows 10 Free ISO direct links above will work with your existing Windows 8 activation keys. Moreover, you can purchase a key after installing Windows 10 using the ISO file on your computer. Windows 10 related: VLC has been released for Windows 10 as a Modern UI app.

Once you have the ISO file, burn it to a DVD or pen drive. To use a DVD, use the ImgBurn tool. For creating a bootable USB, you can use Rufus, which is available on its official website.

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