How to Install Android Apps on Windows 11 from APK file

You can install Android Apps from APK files obtained from sites such as Apkmirror on your Windows 11 PC. Let’s see how you can sideload any APK file on your computer with our easy guide.

Windows 11 enables you to install and run any Android application from the Amazon play store. But the crispy part is you can also sideload Android applications from websites like APKmirror here is how you can install APK on your Windows 11. A US-based Amazon account is not required at all to sideload Android apps from third-party markets like ApkMirror and others.

Already have Windows subsystem up and running, skip to the sideload steps.

Install WSA (Windows Subsystem Android) on Android 11

Get Android applications on windows 11 these things are required.


Option 1. Directly installing WSA

  1. Download this Msibundle file from this link (credit to XDA), for easy process rename this file to Android.Msibundle and move it to C: Partition.
  2. Open PowerShell and type Add-AppxPackage Android.Msibundle

Option 2. Try things the official way

  1. Enroll your device for the Windows insider preview beta channel. (Open Settings > Windows update > Insider preview to verify) You don’t actually need Insider Preview
  2. Change PC country to United Statues (search change country in search bar and change from there)
Change Windows Country to United States

3. After that Open Microsoft Store, go to Library, and click on Get update button. Most probably you will see Microsoft Store getting updated. This bumps the Microsoft Store version to 22110.1402.6.0.

Microsoft Store needs to be updated

4. Open Microsoft Store and you might see a banner saying Amazon Appstore Preview. In case if you don’t see this Amazon App Store preview banner you can restart your machine after following these steps above.

Amazon App Store preview banner

5. Option 1. Look for any listed app and proceed to install it. Just an example we click on Subway Surfers, notice that there is a button “Get from Amazon Appstore” hop on and click it.

Option 2. If you rather directly install Amazon Appstore from Microsoft use this link.

Amazon store compatible game

6. (1) There will be a total of 4 steps. The first step you have to click on set up.

6. (2) Now you can either take this option to send diagnostic data to Microsoft but it’s not really important.

6. (3) Click on the download button. Now it will ask you to restart your computer by clicking the restart button.

9. You can safely skip signing-in, this is not important to sideload APK.

Amazon App Store customer sign in (not required)

10. Just to ensure that you have successfully installed the windows subsystem for Android you can look up its name in the start menu.

Windows subsystem for Android successfully installed

How to install (Sideload) APK in Windows 11

Step 1. Windows subsystem is now installed and now we have to go to its settings by searching the same in the start search bar and choosing it.

Look up for Windows subsystem for Android and open it

Step 2. Turn on Developer mode, and note the IP address. In some cases, clicking the refresh button displays the IP address.

Turn on developer mode and copy the IP address

Step 3. Important. Download the ADB also known as Platform-tools by Google on your computer. Extract the Platform-tools ZIP file and move it to the root directory inside Local Disc C.

The location should look like C:\adb here ADB is the extracted folder of platform tools.

Step 4. After that run Command Prompt as admin. First, we move the location to platform-tools so it can recognize ADB commands, we type cd /adb (CD command is used to move location).

In command prompt type the following command

Some things to take care of: Download the APK file on your computer and give it a short name, we downloaded the Instagram APK file from APKMirror and saved it in the same ADB folder.

Step 5. A simple adb install insta.apk should work when the APK file is in the same folder. Getting more than one device/emulator error use the following command. This command is advance and it works all the time.

adb -s IP address install insta.apk

In case the APK file is located somewhere else use the following command.

adb -s IP address install "C:\adb\insta.apk"

However, a simple approach would be just adb connect IP Address followed by adb install instagram.apk (supposing you have the APK in the same folder)

Use this command to install APK on Windows 11

On a success message, run and click the start menu. A new Instagram app icon would appear, clicking it opens it.

The Android version of Instagram is successfully installed and you can see it in start menu

Note that this is the Android version of the application and it is different from the Instagram listed in Microsoft Store and PWA.

The Instagram application is working fine there is no bug

As of now, you can install any APK file and that will work without any issue. Some applications rely on Google Play store services as a workaround you can try installing Gapps. Initially, a lot of users are concerned that Windows 11 is not a big update and they are OK with their Windows 10, but we think that the possibility of installing from thousands of Android applications will surely turn the table around.

You can install Windows Android Subsystem without involving in Insider Preview

Download this Msibundle


How to get Android Apps APK file for Window 11.

There are thousands of third-party app store available online few of them are trustworthy such as APKMirror and Uptodown.

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  2. hi, I follow your step by step and it was success
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