How to install windows 10 lean (CloudE) Download ISO

Windows 10 lean is the lightweight version of the windows 10, stripped down, and it’s fascinating. Unlike Windows 10 S, which wasn’t lightweight at all. You can get an idea a standard windows 10 ISO is about 4gb while the windows 10 lean (64-bit) is just approximately 2Gb, exciting? Yeah.

How to install Windows 10 Lean (CloudE/S)

Learn where and how to download windows 10 lean (also known as cloudE) ISO (Or S build ISO) And install it on a computer using a USB flash drive.

Step 01. Download Windows 10 lean (ISO).

Download Windows 10 Lean (cloudE) ISO using the links below.

Windows 10 Lean ISO Download | 64-bit
Windows 10 Lean ISO Download | 32-bit

Mirror are 3rd party links, All UUP  of 17655 is down.

** I have updated the above links with Lite edition. Please understand that all the UUP files of 17655 and 3rd party hosted files have been deleted.

How to use the tool

Step 1. Download the tool.

Step 2. Extract it, under it you’ll see this file “CreatingISO.bat” or (aria2_download in Mirror) File.

This will download all the files required and using a tool aria2. It will download the files from the Microsoft server and later it will convert them to ISO file that you can use.

Step 3. Open the extracted folder, run creatingISO (aria2_download in Mirror) file, this script is an automated script that will download all the files using the Aria2 download program. This is necessary to download multiple files at once.

Step 4. Once done, this script will execute another tool that you can find inside the same folder. Run the UUP-Convert to start converting downloaded files to Windows 10 Lean ISO.

That’s it, now use the ISO to create bootable media. That’s it you should stop here, the below instructions are for people who want only Windows 10 Lean edition in the Windows 10 ISO.

Use this method when you want to save bandwidth

Also, I’m going to guide you in creating Windows 10 Lean (64bit or 32bit) ISO file that you can use to install Windows 10 on any computer. We are only going to download a specific Windows 10 lean file so that only that particular edition file should be present in ISO file to make the image file compact as possible. This is to spend less bandwidth and save time, especially when you’re not on an ultra-fast connection.

You need Windows 10 insider preview latest UUP files = Save files according to the specific edition you want for example we are downloading single language insider preview UUP files for 64-bit.

# Download Windows 10 latest insider preview UUPdownload this tool

This tool will start downloading the Windows 10 Lean files and save them inside a folder.

# Download Windows 10 Lean ESD file = get it from here (deleted)

The ESD file that you download is responsible for the Lean version.

Rename this Windows 10 lean ESD to CloudE-en-us.esd and then rename it to the “Core_en-us.esd” for example if your CORE.ESD file name is CoreSingleLanguage_en-us.esd copy this name and change name of the CloudE_en-us.esd

Note: Replace any of these below files to CloudE_en-us.esd

Professional_en-us.esd / ProfessionalN_en-us.esd / Core_en-us.esd / CoreN_en-us.esd

Now rename Original CloudE_en-us.esd >> Core_en-us.esd

This is a 2 step method that will save your bandwidth, it will download something 3GB of files. If you don’t care about you can run the above-given tool, which downloads Windows 10 Lean files along with other editions and convert them to Windows 10 Lean ISO.

Step 02. (Optional) Prepare ISO (When not used the tool)

Download this UUP to ISO converter tool, extract it on your desktop inside it there is a folder “UUP” copy all of your downloaded files into that folder and run the youtube convert file do you have a few options to choose whether you want to create an iso with install.wim or install.esd file obviously the ESD option will create a smaller ISO file because it is more compressed and not encrypted.

Or check the guide to better understand the process with images and step by step instructions.

After you have the ISO, just to ensure right click on it select Mount. Open wither Powershell (as Admin) or Command Prompt and type the following command.

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:F:\sources\install.esd /index:1

Variables – install.wim / install.esd | :F: change it with the virtual drive letter.

Step 03. Male bootable media

Use Rufus or any other tool to create bootable media. Check this guide for more help.

Step 04. Start the setup.

Just like the original Windows 10 setup, you will be going through on-screen instruction that you need to follow in order to install Windows 10 Lean. You had throughout the process we have a guide for that as well that you can check here.

Step 05. Setup: first part.

The second part is pretty much simple if you installed through a bootable USB flash drive now it’s time to unplug it Windows will ask you to account information like for example what name do you want to use for your computer account. If possible connect the computer to a Wi-Fi network when prompt so that way you will get the latest drivers automatically installed.

Final thoughts.

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  1. Hy man links are broken and showing not found. Will you please update the link. For that, I download it when I visit your website. Thanks in advanced

    1. UUP files are gone. Use a third party site to download version 17655 ISO. I added one labeled “mirror”.

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