PrimeOS: Android Home for Desktops

PrimeOS is a complete Android operating system powered by the Androidx86 project. Which means you can use all the Android Apps on your computer. Play games such as PUBG, Fortnite and Candy Crush! No? Cool. People are interested in any Android operating system more than ever we have seen, remix OS was the high-tech effort but failed.

If you ask which OS you can find in mobiles, the answer is either Android or iOS (sorry Windows phone users). Out of these two, Android is insanely popular, and since it’s open source which means the code is public and anyone can build an operating system out of it is an amazing thing. Which made it possible for projects like Android-86 to fork AOSP android and turn them into something can run on computers. That’s the reason you don’t find any project to run iOS on computers. Apple company business model is different, and unlike Windows and Android, their OS (iOS and MAC) aren’t open source.

PrimeOS: Android Home for Desktops

Talking about PrimeOS, it’s a brand new operating system configured to play battle royale games out of the box. For comparison it stays within the stock Android interface which is good, you don’t want a bloated operating system likes of OpenThos. PrimeOS

Prime os installed on a laptop

How PrimeOS combines Desktop and Android;

  • Desktop features; start menu, taskbar, action center etc.
  • Multitasking support with app maximize, minimize, close, resize etc.
  • Multi-window can be disabled on app basis.
  • Popular keyboard shortcut support e.g. alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d etc.
  • Still maintains AOSP experience while aiding desktop features.

Android features

  1. DecaPro key mapping to control games using mouse and keyboard.
  2. Right-click to aim function.
  3. Pre-configured key mapping for popular games (PUBG).

as Gamer perspective

Prime OS key mapping

PrimeOS not only sounds impressive but delivers a good gaming experience. With DecaPro key mapping, it aids key mapping for popular games by default, and you can customize them any time by pressing the F12 key. If you’re looking to play Pubg or similar games without using emulators you can try this approach. Many of emulators players usually run games on Bluestack or Tencent’s official gaming buddy and simply does the job? What is the thing that PrimeOS solves? It makes gaming experience further better, even if you’re getting good experience using emulators with PrimeOS you can boost your gaming skills since it elements lags and response time.

as Standard user perspective

Prime OS start menu

First of all, the Android OS doesn’t solve any specific problem with computers. Instead, it allows you to emulate Android Apps and Games natively. SO why would you want to use an Android Operating system?

There are multiple reasons, first of you can test and run thousands of app from the Google Play store. Desktop elements such as Start menu, taskbar and action center, so you won’t feel you’re missing anything.

As per PrimeOS site; it uses 30% less power and gives 3-times better performance when compared to stock Android. Moreover, it supports and utilizes dedicated GPU on your computer if you have AMD or Nvidia GPU.

Still, if you think Android Os is not for you?

Let me try an example here, why people visit Medium website?

To fix any problem they have! No.

Instead, they visit Medium to gain knowledge because wide range of thoughtful people often publish great content there.

Should you try Android because something in Windows is bugging you? The answer is no.

Instead, try PrimeOS on your computer to find ways to be productive. Cut the time you spend fixing Windows (removing ads, stopping forced updates, noboby-like-type bundled software) dump Cortona and use Google Assistant with decent “hey Google” hotkey.

What you can with an Android OS on PC is limitless, you’re stepping into a familiar operating system forked to run blazing fast on the computer. Isn’t it great?

Booting Prime OS

For people who may want to use USB to boot, it is possible to make PrimeOS persistence bootable USB which meaning you won’t lost user data each time you boot. (I am not mentioning since the article will become longer).

At first, you might just want to test how PrimeOS will look on your desktop, for that you’ll need a USB drive and ISO file of the operating system.

Follow the steps below to create bootable media of Phoenix OS.

  1. Save ISO file and Rufus software on your computer home screen.
  2. Plug a USB thumb drive of 4GB and more.
  3. Open Rufus, drag the ISO file inside it.
  4. Choose NTFS or FAT32 type.
  5. Click Start and wait for a few minutes.

You’ll be notified with a sound tone when it finishes creating bootable USB.

Install PrimeOS on Hard drive.

Dual boot PrimeOS

Install PrimeOS on your computer for daily use, follow these instructions. It’s better to install an operating system on your hard drive rather than temporary booting from USB.

Here we’re using PrimeOS official installer for installing it on UEFI system which currently has Windows as the primary operating system. The aim here is to dual-booting PrimeOS with Windows. That being said, let continue.

Step 1. Get the Installer and save it on your computer.

You need 64-bit installer, but you need to check your CPU supported architecture, if it supports 32-bit, download the 32-bit installer instead.

Prime OS download page

Step 2. Simply run it and follow on-screen instructions.

Open the installer, simple answer a few prompts and PrimeOS will be installed on your computer.

Prime OS installer

In the process you’ll be asked to select the drive where it gets installed and Input space in MB for the new PrimeOS partition.

Proceed to installation, depending on your hardware it should take only a few minutes. During the process, if you get prompt to format the new partition, simply close them since Windows does not acknowledge such partition types.

Upon success, you need to restart the computer to let the setup finish installing the operating system since it installs Grub bootloader which allows you to choose either Windows or PrimeOS leaving the option up to you.


Using Android on computer should not be hard since you’re already familiar using it on your phones and tablet. PrimeOS gives you a complete Android desktop experience with built-it update features so you never miss anything amazing.

Article updated on 6/14/2019

  1. Hi Devendra,

    I’m having one heck of a time, I’ve tried PrimeOS, PhoenixOS and even went back to my old standby Androidx86, but no matter what I try I am not getting any sound out of any of the systems above. When I boot the same machine back into Win10, perfect sound. I’m going nuts trying to troubleshoot this issue, do you have any suggestions?


    1. Hi Krissy, I know how it feels, but the Android System doesn’t work well all the devices out there. I also have sound, wifi issues on my one laptop. Unable to do anything. Better stick with Windows 10 IMO.
      However, there are some forums post you can check out.

  2. Hello, I have a dual boot problem. I made a change to the system and Prime OS is not starting, it goes straight into windows. How do I recover boot without deleting data? Thank you

  3. Hi Devendra

    Im considdering android on my old laptop. But just to test if this is something i want use on a tv. But my first question is of this system would also work on a touchscreen? And my second question is what would happen in terms of performance if windows os would be removed from the device or old laptop?

    My last question would if this system could also run on a android tv box? (mecool km3 android tv box) which claims you can run any app in the playstore, which is not true.

    Now my dream device is a 86” 4k display screen (touchscreen) and a new computer that has android os. on it. That i can use by touchscreen, remote to scroll and navigate, and keyboard with trackpad. My goal is to use this in a tiny appartment where i would like to use it as tv to watch movies from streaming sites and use it as i would use my phone inside the house. That include working on cloud shared document which i now do on my small phone.

    All these thing i can do also with my phone and simply mirror it with an tv. But everything gets interupted when i get a phonecall or message comes through. And that is what i dont want

  4. Hola Devendra.

    Quisiera saber si hay alguna solución al problema del wifi ya que esta me aparece inhabilitada al igual que el bluetooth, ya intenté conectando mi android con un cable usb y no funcionó.

    Espero tu repuesta.
    Gracias :3

    1. @Sweet^^ It normal, as it is not possible to support all Bluetooth devices simply because there are many. The Android USB tethering should work, if not, go to phone developer settings enable USB debugging.

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