20 Good looking Rainmeter Skins for Windows 11 PC


Rainmeter is a free, award-winning desktop customization tool for Windows that adds the ability to create and share custom skins. Here I’ve collected the best Rainmeter skins and made sure each one is shiny, modern, and will look good on your computer screen.

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I understand that I didn’t make any of the skin mentioned. As a blogger, it took us a few hours to collect these skins (maybe more) find resources and link them all together. If you own a blog, mention this post link.

That’s being said, roll your eyes.

#1 Lines and building

It was created under one-hour for a tournament and contains copyright material. It flaunts B/W building wallpaper with the minimal date and timeline themes shortcuts.

#2 Sunset

Love sunset? this theme flaunts anime sunset background, along with visualizer, now playing and system resources information. Don’t you think most skins are around those repeated elements?

#3 Amatical

Looks cool on a laptop screen under 14 inches, with simple winter season iceberg wallpaper coupled with linear elements. A calm and eye-soothing theme, the wallpaper adds extra charm to it.

#4 Soonex Clock

Rather want a simple but appealing clock, this is what you should try. It might work on and with other skins. A version 2 is also available with weather information for a few bucks.

#5 Visualizer

Ever seen those videos playing music with visualizer, this rainmeter skin is nothing but Music visualizer which can help you create awesome videos with audio effects.

#6 Lano Visualizer

Bring Live visualization of the audio output to your screen. You can completely customize colors and fonts, and it supports cover-based colors for supported players. An option to hide the skin when there is no music in the background.

#7 Shadow

A Wallpaper of 1600×900 & 1920×1080 resolution is included. Dock Icons: My Computer, Documents, Browser, Music, System & User Info, Power Info, Cpu, Ram, Swap, Disk C & D, Network Info, Time and Date, Trash.

#8 Rusa Jantan (Suite)

Suite, with music information, a sidebar to quickly access files and folders, the seconds dot in clock widget spins in a circular shape.

#9 It’s Sunday baby and weather widget

Better clock and date widget tells you what day it is and color changeable with a click. Other settings include Search and change your location, widget size, language, units. The Rainmeter plugin for a weather forecast is the best way to monitor the weather. This plugin displays a weather forecast just like your local news channel.

This weather widget is designed for rainmeter. It can display both the current conditions and forecasted conditions. Weather Widget is a simple Rainmeter skin that shows current weather conditions and 3-day forecast on your desktop. All you need is this skin and the free Rainmeter software installed.

#10 Combat

This one adds Video, Camera, Settings shortcuts to your screen with a bunch of other boxes to create notes, making a google search, bookmarks of your favorite social sites and storage sites. The color scheme is changeable.

Rainmenet skins 11–20th


If you are into circles you should fall for this skin, it got an eye soothing movement of the hour, minute and second dots. The bottom bar display playing song with a button to resume and pause.

Player / Time — Date / Settings


A black and white theme with changeable color schemes. Tiny social icons are present at the bottom — overall a linear aligned theme you can try.


Changeable skin size with the mouse wheel, a nice effect around clock makes it minimal yet glorious. It is available in three languages English, French and Serbian.


Soft corner for rugged fonts, this theme has it and heart-beat style music visualizer. The wallpaper is available separately in the DeviantArt thread.

Senja Suit

Suits are complete rainmeter themes rather unlike single elements. This suit features music and top bar widget.

Circular clock.

A clock blended in circular shapes.

Scarlett Johanson

It works pretty well with your favorite actress, my favorite is Selena Gomez what’s yours? tell me in the comment. It supports resizing skin with the mouse wheel.


Ugly but useful rainmeter skin with nothing but lots of shortcuts. I am sure you won’t like it if you’re a productivity-focused person.


Stressed? this beautiful skin help you forgot everything. The wallpaper link is this.


It has weather information along with a big clock, and yes, the wallpaper is just killing it. The elements seem flattered and outdated but hey, its good as a starter theme? right!

Rainmeter Skins 21–30th

More skins are scheduled for Q4 2021 with Windows 11 arrival, subscribe here to get notified.

Winter vibes: Soothing animated snowfall suite

Google Weather by Jelle Dekkers: Clean Weather app, with three days temperature.

How to set rainmeter skins on Windows.

Dude, you flaunted these skins but I have no idea how to load it on Rainmeter. Help me?

Step 1. Install Rainmeter, it’s tiny around 3MB. I suggest choose the latest version whatsoever if it’s stable or beta version.

Step 2. Upon installing, you will find some default skins to your screen you can safely right-click and unload them.

Step 3. Navigate to any skin you downloaded and select Install Rainmeter skin from the context menu.

Bonus; quickfever

download (Rainmeter skin + wallpaper) the skin is set for 1080p screen, please align the visualizer accordingly. I used an app to make the taskbar transparent, you can set up that here. the most beautiful skins for your rainmeter desktop

Rainmetering up

Do you guys have more beautiful skins, you can comment below. And tell me guys if you need more Rainmeter related posts?

I’ll be happy to collect more skins or complete WIndows themes.


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