The 10 Best KissAnime Alternatives


Kissanime is the hell for anime lovers who spend tons of time watching anime shows on the Internet. Time fades so is the things, Kissanime is not perfect, it has many possibilities and gap for improvements. If you’re looking for some best sites to watch anime online here are some best kissanime alternatives you should check out.

1. 9Anime

Trust me when I visited the website I fall in love with it. Most of the episodes are in higher resolution, perhaps some of them are not. When it comes to navigating to the site, it is pretty much simple, using its filters you can search and watch anime you want. Also, it uses high-speed content delivery network so that your video will play seamlessly and without buffering on lagging. Talking about the advertisements, this website shows 2 pop up ads in 24 hours which is completely ok when you know how to distinguish advertisements and it close popup tabs. 9Anime seems to be the best I’ve found, it doesn’t have everything but the website design is far better than KissAnime’s, and they have an autoplay feature.

I would like to mention their autoplay feature again, how many times you have to click on the next button in other websites to play the next episode? Maybe that’s not time-consuming but still, sucks for me, I just want you to back and watch back to back episodes without touching your mouse. Also, the website loads faster than the kissanime, and design and interface are just beyond amazing. Hopefully, this is the best kissanime alternative you should definitely use.

best sites to watch anime for free

2. Daisuki

Suzuki simply a beautiful website which is content focused when it comes to watching episodes here. The background is darker, and there is nothing like annoying advertisements or banners to distract you. Just sit back and watch your favorite anime for hours. You can also change video quality as per as your Internet connection. Also the streaming network is really fast. A legit site which easily can become your best kissanime alternative site to stream anime online for free.

best site to watch free anime


Another website which is best for useful anime, and that too in high quality. The background is dark which make it comfortable to watch your favorite animes for hours without hurting your eyes. If you were using kissanime this might be the one you’re looking for. Like kissanine it have filters and search options to find anime serials to watch.

kissanime alternative site to watch free anime

4. BabyAnime

Just above the playing video, you can navigate to another season or next episode which is really comfortable for a typical user or kid.

best anime streaming sites

5. HorribleSubs

Actual subbers so you can torrent your favorite anime for what quality you want including 480p, 720p, 1080P. To let you know that you can not directly stream videos from here, you will have to use a torrent client or a torrent cloud service.

best anime torrent sites


This website is pretty much different actually it’s a torrent website where you can browse and get torrents of animations. It also is known for its high quality and most of the torrents is in Blu-Ray standard, so you might want to feed your thirsty eyeballs. I’ll tell you if there is only one problem with Torrent is fewer Seeds if any Torrent has low seeds, then you will not be able to download it.

10 Best Torrent Cloud Download services You can use

best anime streaming sites

7. AnimeTake.

This website uses an anti-Adblock script to prevent access to the website if you have an ad-blocker installed. But other than that you can stream videos in 720p old 360P quality.

8. GoodAnime

Do you want to watch your favorite anime while consuming less bandwidth, then this site will fit into the gap! This website uses very little internet data, so it’s the advantage that you can also view your favorite serial in slow Internet connection. Although the video quality will be slightly lower but will not take time to buffering. The special thing is that this website is also available as mobile apps so that if you have a smartphone, then you can also watch your favorite serials using fewer data.

9. Animeultima

This and the next one upload at the same time and fast, lots of different mirrors for older shows, 720p on the latest shows to 360p.

10. AnimeShow

You can download anime shows as well as stream them, and the site uses different mirrors so it might be possible that sometimes it doesn’t load the video, but you can always change to a different mirror when that happens.


That’s pretty much everything we have got, so without no reason, I would like to declare 9anime (also daisuki) as the best kissanime alternative which is perhaps better. Fortunately, there are few other sites and few new rising anime websites to spend days watching anime seasons and episodes. If you have a opinion how you watch anime online and which one is your favorite site, please mention them in comments with a reason. So these were the best sites to watch anime for free on your regular browser, well, if you know some other website site you think are better than the once listed here, we hear you. Let us know in the comment section.

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