There are two type of CPU architecture, modern CPUs are mostly 64-bit while they can support 32-bit operating system as well as 64-bit operating system. But 32-bit architecture CPUs only support 32-bit operating system.

Which is better.

64-bit architecture CPU  as they they perform significantly better compared to the same speed 32-bit architecture CPU.

FAQ: I know 32-bit and 64-bit but what’s with x64 and x86

Answer: The 32-bit also known as x86 and 64-bit also known as x64.

How to determine your CPUs architecture?

You have 64-bit if you found these on your computer.

A Programs files (x86) folder insider the local disk C: (we assume you installed windows on the default location).

You have 32-bit if you fount these on your computer.

You will only have a single “Programs files” folder.

You won’t be able to to run 64-bit installer (software and games).

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