Where does Update Assistant Tool Download and Store Windows 10 Setup files?


Microsoft’s new big is fall creators update also known as feature update for Windows 10 (Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update), Microsoft also provides a tiny tool to provide assistance in upgrading your windows 10 to latest Windows 10 version.

Update assistant is a tool that can help you upgrade your computer to feature update or fall creators update version 1709 (or Redstone 3 stable build 16299). The Update Assistant tool keeps the installed programs, apps, personal files and custom user settings. It upgrades the old Windows 10 version to the new version automatically. It’s identical to the media creator tool which also can create bootable media drive along with downloading ISO file.

it provides an official tool to easily upgrade existing Windows 10 machines to the new Windows 10 version. This tool is called as Windows 10 Update Assistant.

  • Option 1. Use update assistant.
  • Option 2. Do a clean install with Windows 10 Fall creators ISO.
  • Option 3. Get 1709 ESD and convert it to ISO then install it.

So here is the deal, if you use the upgrade assistant tool it will keep the installed applications, and personal data and user-defined settings. At a whole, it will take several hours to download feature update and then install it on your computer.

You can use the tool to quickly updated to the fall creators update. Because if you do check for update in Windows Updates, you won’t find, it’s basically because fall creators update is rolling out for new laptops and laptops which came with Windows 10 pre-installed.

So Update assistant is the quickest way to get your computer updated to the fall creators update.

Covered Questions

Here are some of the question people Does this update assistant tool download the full ISO of Windows 10?

  • What’s the size of the windows 10 fall creators update file?
  • How much bandwidth it will use to download window 10 fall creators update.
  • Where are the downloaded files stored by Update assistant?

These questions should be answered in a single post. So here is today’s article.

Upgrading using Update Assistant

I have this new laptop which came with Windows 10 preinstalled. So I quickly opened then they told then this dude[this page], and there was no mention of the fall creators update, on the evening of 17th October I saw the “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update now available” and a link to download the tool called Update assistant.

Windows 10 1709, Upgrade assistant

I downloaded this tool and opened it, after a quick scan of whether my computer will support full creator update, then this tool suggested me to update to the Windows version 1709 (17299). So when I click the update now button this tool is started downloading the Windows file, so I checked the windows C: drive to determine in what form this tool download the update and where it does save them.

Where does it stores setup file?

I noticed that this saves the update file in “ESD” format inside theC:\Windows10Upgrade folder.

Official Microsoft ESDs for Build 16299.15

For some reason, I stopped the tool when it was at 10% because it came into my mind that this update will take somewhere 3 to 4GB (Approx 3GB) and my daily Internet limit is 2 GB, so I knew I needed to connect it to another network to finish the download. So I did cancel it but at that time around 400 MB was downloaded inside the folder I mentioned earlier.

Following is the exact file name it started downloading.


Fall creators ESD

I found a direct official link to this ESD file, and I checked this setup file is not edition specific, so I downloaded it with a download manager on my computer and converted that ESD file to ISO file using this guide.

So the Fall creators update ESD (64-bit) 3.00GB >> 4.30GB ISO file with a standard install.wim file.

How to Convert Windows 10 ESD file to ISO file

How to Install Windows 10 on your computer Step-by-step

Fall creators ESD: 32-bit en-us / 64-bit en-us / All

ESD extracted when 80% C:\$GetCurrent\Media so you can copy the folder to somewhere safe when you wanted to update other computers to the latest Windows 10 version.

Option 2. Do a clean install with Windows 10 Fall creators ISO.

[ISO Download] Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 ISO and guide

Option 3. Get 1709 ESD and convert it to ISO then install it.

Head to this page and get Windows 10 ESD file according to your preferred language and follow instructions to change the image file to ISO file so you can create bootable media using a tool like Rufus.

How to Install Windows 10 From USB

Windows 10 fall creators is overall a good update with some minor design inconsistency which should not bother you too much. What are your views on this feature update? Did you get it via Automatic updates, also share what is your experience throughout the process.


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