How To Burn Disc Image (ISO & IMG) in Windows 10, 8, 7

In Windows 10 and older there is a built-in image burner tool which can be used to burn image files to Disc. Helpful when creating bootable installation media on DVD and CD’S. This guide will help with Windows Disc Image Burner tool and how to use it to burn Disc Image files such as ISO and IMG to DVD in Windows 10. Though, it will work same in older Windows.

Prepare an ISO or any DISC image on your computer, for example, you downloaded the Windows 10 ISO and want to burn into a DVD to make an installation media. Windows 10 ISO and want to burn into a DVD to make an installation media. Follow the below steps to burn an image file.

Use Windows Disc Image Burner tool to Burn Image Files

How to burn windows 10 iso to DVD

After inserting a black Disc in the DVD Drive go to the directory where the Image file is located which you want to use to burn into. Right-click on the ISO file that you have and select “Burn disc image” from the context menu.

Windows Disc Image Burner tool will open and from there all you have to click on the “Burn” button. You must make sure that you already inserted a blank DVD into your DVD drive, you can use a simple DVD or you can use RW-DVD.

Wait for a few minutes until the Windows Disc Image burner tool creates the installation media using the ISO file to your DVD. When done, simply turn off the computer and boot from the DVD as usual.

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How to burn ISO image with Command Prompt / PowerShell

As usual if you’re a command prompt geek, here is a way to burn a Image file in Windows. Like seriously when you just don’t feel using the GUI method use this instead.

Run the Command prompt (Win + R → cmd) or powershell form the start menu and type following commands.

"isoburn.exe /q G: “D:\Images\Windows_x64.iso"

For instance, In this guide we’ve used the Windows 64-bit ISO file and which is inside the D:/ drive So I’ll use the following command.

"isoburn.exe /q I: “D:\Apps\OS\Windows 10 1607\Win10_1607_English_x64.iso"


That’s all you need to create a bootable installation media for a image file, most of the them are in .ISO and .IMG format which are formally recognized by Windows without need to install additional software or utility tools. Being a utilitarian I see Windows disc image burner a much helpful tool inbuilt in Windows.

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