Quickly Check if Windows 10 20H2 is installed on your computer

Windows 10 version 20H2 you also go by the name 2009 (October) started rolling from October 20. These updates are incremental so simply every new update will be called Windows 10, but we are going to help you know which version your computer has.

That being said this is the second update (the first was version 2004) of Windows 10 of this year. The complete simply given the codename “20H2” for this minor update. Please note that the name “Windows 10 2009 is not the official name” but 20H2. 

Every person who is using Windows 10 can check their version information using the “winver” the command in command prompt/PowerShell and About settings.

In this article, we will generally talk about how you will find out which version of Windows 10 is installed on your computer and if 20H2 is already installed.

winver; to verify if Windows 10 20H2 is installed

You can use this command to open the Windows dialogue box which contains all the information regarding your version and build number. 

  • Press Windows + R and then type winver
  • Open Command Prompt and type winver
  • Open PowerShell and type winver

This steps usually help you check whether to not the new Windows 10 20H2 is installed on your computer:

As you can see in this screenshot the Windows 10 version 20H2 with build number 19042.572 is already installed which means Windows 10 October 2020 update is already installed on your computer. If you see the OS build 19041, means you are using Windows 10 2004 which is the last stable version of Windows 10. Depending on your system you should update to the newer Windows 10 version from Windows 10 automatic updates.

Settings; Check if Windows 10 20H2 is installed

On the “About” page, which is inside Settings-System, find edition and version information under the Windows specifications section.

Windows + I > System > About

You should be able to see OS Build 19042.572 and version 20H2, if you try opening Microsoft Edge, notice that it’s now based on chromium check that information on Edges about page.

Normally if you are signed up to receive beta updates, Windows will automatically install this update for you and chances are you won’t even notice it, if that is the case Microsoft’s new browser will open with a welcome message. 

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