The 10 Best Android themes in 2023


When you open your Android phone for the first time, you get to see it almost a boring bit of home screen, which you can customize. You may have seen that many Android launchers are available on the Play Store. Even when you install launchers, you get to see a boring or simple home screen. If you want something completely different or want your Android home screen to look good, then you can set up the themes below on your Android so that your phone will look very unique.

Note: You are free to share/recreate these themes, I’d love if you mention either the Youtube channel or this post’s link when sharing.

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The QPink and The QYellow.

First of all, I would like to tell you that I also have a YouTube channel where I am trying to make setup videos of Android Themes.  Go to my channel and subscribe, now that you’ve subscribed let’s talk about the two themes given below. both of the themes are inspired by colors, a pink color, and the other yellow color. The pink color theme, we have two custom widgets and other resources have their links below the video.

Resources used in the video.

πŸ™‰ 0:10 The Pink theme πŸ˜‰ 02:18 Yellow theme

Nature Fever theme.

Simple, elegant and minimal. one widget at top, left aligned with 4 bottom icons. No dock is added in this setup to maintain clean look. The setup looks beautiful when used a leaf wallpaper (The original wallpaper which is used in this video is linked below).

Resources used in the video.

Android PIE

Android 9, is named PIE. Thank you, Google for this easy to pronounceable name. While most people are excited about it, some trying to build custom ROM it’s already in headlines. New features including tweaks for more battery juice, App actions according to routine seems interesting but… Will your phone ever get the PIE as OTA update? maybe you know the answer better, most phone still don’t get oreo and it’s kind of a dream to ask for Android PIE. Not all phone companies are like Essential (they released PIE on the same day Android PIE was initially released).

What can you do about it? Maybe you thought using a launcher to get some of the Android PIE functionalities. There are tons of launchers and most of them are ugly and bad, it’s easy to lost interest in launchers when you try so many of them.

It’s little bit inspired from the Nature fever theme (I named it) The leaf wallpaper puts oomph into the setup. Since PIE have search bar below dock, so we’ve used Nova launcher functionality to put search bar underneath dock icons. In icons, we’ve used candycon icon pack.

Get Android PIE (9) look on any android phone using Nova Launcher.

➜ – Backup download
➜ – Nova launcher
➜ Wallpaper
➜ – Wallpaper #2
➜ – Zooper
➜ – Huk Zooper widgets
➜ – CandyCons ICON

If you are interested in custom Android themes, you can check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel. All links are

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