VR Compatible Phones List | Revised 2018

VR Box compatible phones list
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  1. Prabir says:

    Galaxy j3 is supported or not..vr

    1. Jeb says:

      I have been trying to figure that shit out for days

    2. Rocky says:

      Did you ever find out if the J3 was supported VR?

  2. Joe lewis says:

    Htc 10 supported or not for VR

  3. rumah says:

    Is there an update to this list? TIA!

    1. Devendra says:

      I’ll try to update this Sunday. (Can’t make it.)

  4. lalaramnunsiama colney says:

    Moto g5s plus support vr i want to purchase it

  5. Bhagwan singh says:

    Moto e4 plus support vartual reality yes or no ?

  6. Bibek kc says:

    One plus x e1003 supported or not for vr

  7. Rocky says:

    Is the Galaxy J3 VR compatible ???

  8. sridhar says:

    mi a1 is supported or not..vr

    1. Devendra says:

      Yes, it does.

  9. Glenn says:

    Is my ZTE prestige compatible with the dream vision 360

  10. Joshua Lee says:

    Does the LG X Charge smartphone have VR capabilities?

    1. Devendra says:

      You must search if it has a gyro sensor.

  11. Loni says:

    Download “eze vr” app and it will check your device for compatibility

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