Windows 10 Version 21H2 Changelog & Update version tracker


Windows 10 will get a single annual update followed by monthly security patches, for the latest Windows 10 and Windows 11 builds click here.

Windows 10 gets updated twice a year and for many folks it’s important to see what’s new in Windows 10. The post will inform the changelog of the latest windows 10 version. For older changelog visit the Microsoft website. You can bookmark this page to keep an eye on new features and updates in new windows insider build and upgrades.

In this post, we aimed to list all the testing builds known as Insider builds as well as all stable updates to Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 Changelog

Windows 10’s update is a big update and touched almost all aspects. Now we assume you are on a stable Windows 10 version, you can test new features with insider preview windows builds. Here you can find changes in the new build including the insider Explorer changelog.

Windows 10 version tracker

Release typeDescriptionLink
Public Release build19044.1568Get Version 21H2 ISO
Release Preview buildDiscontinued
Beta Channel buildDiscontinued
Dev Channel buildDiscontinued

What do 21H2, 20H1 mean?
Example: 21H2, where 21 is the year 2021, H1 simply means the update is scheduled in the first half-year ( usually in April-May) and H2 ‘means an update for the second half (Oct-Nov).

Recently added builds

21H2: latest version, build 19044
21H1: build 19043
20H2: build 19042
20H1: version 2004 released (build 19041)
19H2: version 1909, stable released.
19H1: version 1903, stable released.
Redstone 5: October Update, stable version released.
Redstone 4: April 2018 update., stable version released.
Redstone 3: Stable Fall creators update, stable version released.
Redstone 2: Creators update, version 1703, stable version released.
Redstone 1: Anniversary update version 1607, stable version released.

Windows 10 version 21H2 features

  1. GPU compute support for the Windows Subsystem for Linux
  2. Apps appear local with Azure Virtual Desktop
  3. Wi-Fi WPA3-Personal H2E support


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