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Windows 10 2004 Update is the big update (followed by 20H2) for Windows 10 operating system. The post will inform the changelog of the latest windows 10 version. For older changelog visit the Microsoft website. You can bookmark this page to keep an eye on new features and updates in new windows insider build and upgrades.

In this post, we aimed to list all the testing builds known as Insider builds as well as all stable updates to Windows 10 update.

Windows 10 Changelog.

Windows 10’s update is a big update and touched almost all the aspects. Now we assume you are on stable Windows 10 version, you can test new features with insider preview windows builds. Here you can find changes in the new build including insider Explorer changelog.

Windows 10 version tracker

Release typeDescriptionArchitectures
Latest Public Release buildLatest updated build for regular users.Get Version 2004 ISO
Latest Release Preview buildReliable builds for previewing the next release.
Ideal for trying out upcoming releases.
Ge Version 2004 ISO
Latest Beta Channel buildReliable builds with most upcoming features for early adopters.Get Version 20H2 ISO
Latest Dev Channel buildUnreliable builds with the latest features for highly technical users.Get Version 21H2 ISO

What does 21H2, 20H1 means?
Example: 21H2, where 21 is year 2021, H1 simply means the update is scheduled in first half year ( usually in April-May) and H2 ‘means update for second half (Oct-Nov).

Recently added builds

[New] 21H2: Current Insider (dev) branch. Started from build 21277
21H1: Builds from 19536 to 20279
20H2: Stable 2009 released (19042)
20H1: May 2020, Stable 2004 released (19041)
19H2: Nov 2019, build 1909, Stable released.
19H1: May 2019 update, version 1903 stable released.
Redstone 5: October Update, stable version released.
Redstone 4: April 2018 update., stable version released.
Redstone 3: Stable Fall creators update, stable version released.
Redstone 2: Creators update, version 1703, stable version released.
Redstone 1: Anniversary update version 1607, stable version released.

Windows 10 version 21H2

21286, version 21H2 released on 6 Jan 2021.

21286, version 21H2 released on 6 Jan 2021.

[Feature] News and interest in the taskbar: With news and interests on the Windows taskbar, you get quick access to an integrated feed of dynamic content such as news and weather that updates throughout the day.

[Feature] Modernized Storage Spaces Settings: create storage pools and storage spaces, adding, and removing disks, and optimizing pools. This new experience provides an accessible, modern experience integrated with other storage features.

[command Prompt] New File System Command Line Tool DiskUsage: View and query disk space usage via the command line. With DiskUsage, you can now track files and directories which are consuming excessive amount of space on the drive.

Run commands on start up in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Time zone change notification in action center.


General changes & improvements

  • If your Downloads folder is synced to a cloud provider, Storage Sense won’t delete the Download folder.
  • When login in, a space before your username won’t result in an error.

19041.173 | APRIL 9, 2020

  • Fixed an issue prevents older versions of certain apps from opening by directing users to install the latest version of these apps.
  • Fixed an issue that fails to allocate resources during device initialization, which causes certain USB mass storage devices to stop working.
  • Fixed: the mute button doesn’t work with Your Phone app.
  • Fixed an issue IOMMU and a DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION (e6) error.
  • Updated the Country and Operator Settings Asset (COSA).

19041.172 | MARCH 26, 2020

Fixed an issue that prevents the Windows logo key + J keyboard shortcut from giving focus to certain Windows tips.

  • We resolved an issue where, if a build attempted to download and install before you had completed the first log in of a prior install (such as Build 19013), you would experience a 2-hour window before you could install this new build.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in a lag processing input when running a video fullscreen.
  • We fixed an issue where the quick action section in the Action Center was slightly off-center in the last few builds.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in Cortana’s voice activation setting switching from on back to off after explorer.exe restarted, or if you rebooted your PC.
  • Just a reminder for Insiders, that as of the previous flight, based on feedback, we’ve decided to remove the downloads folder from Disk Cleanup. If you liked having this option, it’s still available via Storage Settings.



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