8 Best Web Browsers For MAC 2019

We live in a modern world, where you can find an alternative to anything. In the past, we had talked about alternative operating systems which can be installed on a computer or laptop.

Best browsers for MAC

In this post, we will find what are the best browsers for MAC to use in 2017, Yes you can vote for your favorite web browser too. These are the web browsers you can give a try on your MAC. Do you know there are many Browsers for MAC operating system, do you know which on the fastest browser for Mac?

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The fastest browser for Mac? Read the whole article to figure this out, the expression and opinion are of the author and does not represent views of Quickfever.

Is your default Web browser boring?

Does it provide features you ever wanted? No?

Web Browsers for Mac

Find out all the best browsers fro MAC operating system, install them on your computer and continue the Internet. We tried to cover all the best Mac web browsers 2017.

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You may have already heard about some of the listed web browsers in this post. It is time you will get to know other browsers which run on MAC operating system.  MAC is an operating system, and there is more operating system that you can install on your computer. Note, we listed browsers those provide updates and developed by high-end companies. We could have added 30 browsers which are built on Chromium Project, but one person or two make those in their garage.

Best Browsers for MAC 2017

Discover new alternative browsers for you MAC. We revised all the modern and advanced browsers for Mac to use in 2017. Ensure that you have a moderate internet connection to download a browser software.

Opera Neon

New design and unique features, side-by-side tabs and new tab interface.

Opera Neon is the new experimental browser from Opera team, there are some bells and whistles about this browser. For some people, it might sound off-putting, but many are going to love this for a new approach. It’s fast and rock solid, as it is powered by Blink engine, though it won’t support Chrome extensions for now.

The browser comes along with some unique features that you won’t see very often in other browsers. It got the split-screen, media pop-out, and a screen capture tool. Moreover, it’s almost pleasant to use. It’s available on Windows and for free.


Ghost Browser

Productivity browser with Multi-Session Browsing. 

Ghost browser is also based on the Chromium engine, So it does support Chrome Extension and apps out of the box (unlike opera neon). You can either import bookmark and settings from Chrome browser. But there is a lack of it that you can not sync the browser’s data. Apart from this, this browser can be handy to you, because you can log in multiple accounts on a site without going into incognito mode.


Maxthon Browser

Browser with useful features.

Maxthon is the best browser for MAC of 2017 if you want new features and UI customization support. Recently, Maxthon has done amazing changes to their browser which is making this browser too much popular nowadays. Some of best features of Maxthon Browser for MAC are Password Sync and Skin customization. Password Manager is comparatively better than other browsers password managers.

Maxthon has its dedicated forums, where a user can interact with other people that are using the same browser. Additionally, you will get change log of every update; this makes easier to decide whether to upgrade the browser or not. In case you fall in love with Maxthon, is available also for iOS, Android, and Windows. You can sync all devices altogether. NEW: Maxthon is teasing MX5 browser, an alpha version will be released soon. We hope to see a MAC version of MX5 soon. As the compony is promising that the new version will be faster on Mac and comes with more features.

best browser for mac


Vivaldi (by Opera)

Multi-Session Browsing.

Vivaldi is recently launched, based on Chromium project, so it runs all the apps and extensions from Chrome Web store. It gained popularity in a very short span of time. You may want to try this because it has all new features and decent layout, that you can customize in many ways. In fact, you can choose pre-defined layouts when you run Vivaldi for the first time.

best browser for mac


Mozilla Firefox

The open source browser, now with new interface.

Everyone is crazy about Safari and Chrome, while Firefox is also available to serve on MAC. It runs pretty smoother in the latest version of OSX. If you are looking for a fast and light browser for your Mac, you will love the Firefox’s Beta or Nightly bundle. That you can download separately from Here and here.

best browser for mac os x


Opera Browser

The opera attempt for a stable browser, now with unlimited VPN.

Opera for MAC comes with an inbuilt Ad blocker, and power saves mode which saves battery life. Opera comes with Sync and security options. It is customizable with over 1,000 ads on. The ad blocker works same as Ad blocker of Chrome, can be installed as a third-party add-on.

best browser for mac os x 2016


Apple’s Safari

The Swiss Army Knife of MAC Browser: Apple’s Safari | Quickfever

Obviously, the best browser for Macbook Pro. Apple Safari is the primary official browser for Mac operating system. Still, it comes with most of the Machines that comes with MAC pre-installed. Its UI is sharp and smooth, and surfing internet is easier in the Safari Browser.

Google Chrome

Best Browser for every Operating System

best browser for mac

Google’s Chrome browser is powered by an exceptional developer’s teams and testers. If it is from Google, you should not doubt it in the second thought. There are plenty of google trick which works only in Chrome browsers. You can install from thousands of Extension, and Apps to customize your Chrome. Chrome will update itself in the background, ensuring all new security patches and features. Chrome is suitable for anyone, and you can install extensions that help you do a particular thing online. Grammarly, Adblocker for example. Google Chrome has several flavors, Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. You should install the Stable version, and tech savvy can test the sharp and bleeding edge variants.

Download chrome offline for Mac OS-X.

Bottom line

Best browsers for MAC

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are well established, and you may have already heard about them often. Maxthon is still growing, but it has loyal users who help it to grow. The voting of Best browsers for MAC operating system is open, Comment your favorite Browser. A Browser should be easy navigational and support necessary functionalities. However, you can test a web browser using online JS Benchmark tool Octane (by Google). The final score depends on your Computers efficiency and RAM availability.

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