Best Funny Cortana Commands You can Ask

Windows 10‘s personal voice assistant Cortana has been upgraded in the second big update called anniversary update, and now it’s been smarter. Cortana is designed to give different answers to the same question if asked multiple times, so the user does not get bored. We’ve put together a list of funny Cortana commands and question you can throw and will be answered by Cortana. To work with Cortana a Microsoft account and a Mic is required as Mic will be used to dictate voice into text.

Sticky Note: We’ve collected a massive list of funny things to ask Cortona click here to check out more than 100 questions and commands to play with Cortana. Did you know you can press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page? Check best windows 10 keyboard cheat sheet.

Funny cortana commands

Cortona can be really helpful in so many ways you can have Cortana to remind you something you are going to do the other day, or you can command to Turn On/Off Wi-Fi. Microsoft is working toward making Cortana control more of the windows settings. But this article in purely has a purpose to show all the funny and best question you can ask Cortana right away.

Can you be quiet?

Synonyms: Please be quiet!

This is being asked in a sarcasm manner and looks like Cortana handles it nicely. though there is a workaround to disable Cortana in windows 10, I don’t know why someone would want to turn off Cortana.

funny cortana commands, windows 10

Do you like Google?

Why would the creator of Bing ever say nice words about Google, So Cortana would tell you his source of knowledge is Bing? Do you know using chrome can get you free amazon gift vouchers?

funny cortana commands, windows 10

Do you know Siri

Synonyms: is siri your friend

Sometimes it will say “Are you SIRI-ous. Notice the tone. Siri is available only on Apple’s devices, but there are pretty solid alternative apps for android regarding personal assistant. Yes, Cortana is available for android at play store.

funny cortana commands, windows 10

I don’t like your voice.

Just when you like to make Cortana work silently, you can throw this comments and Cortana will be quiet and next time you can type a question and click on the ‘Let’s chat’ button and Cortana will answer with missing voice.

funny cortana commands, windows 10

Go to hell

~Screw you

This is a rude command to make, but though Cortana is hard-wired to give you answers, here is how Cortana responds.

funny cortana commands, windows 10

What are you doing on Earth?

funny cortana commands, windows 10

Funny Cortana commands and questions

Here are a few more totally insane funny commands to ask Cortona.

  1. Can you be quiet?
  2. Do you like Google?
  3. Do you know Siri?
  4. I don’t  like your voice
  5. Go to hell
  6. What are you doing on earth
  7. What’s your favorite food?
  8. Do you like Chromebook?
  9. Tell me a joke
  10. Are you deaf?
  11. Tell me something funny
  12. Tell me a story
  13. Surprise me
  14. Sing me a song
  15. Sing me a lullaby
  16. Dance
  17. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Feel better using these Cortana Commands

Jeez, if you think this is not enough big list, consider checking the 300+ funny things to ask cortana. If you encountered and know some funny Cortana commands with a question you think you’d like to tell us, hop in the comments. A credit is sure. Windows 10 is really cool, and with anniversary update it brings more and more features like Windows Hello, it just getting better and better.


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