Which apps to install after a Clean Windows 11 Installation? We’ve 20+ Suggestions


Windows has the highest number of programs and software available. One of the perks of the popularity of Windows is that you have so many apps and games. For Example, just imagine MAC users playing a popular high-end game. No, you probably can’t because MAC does not support them, windows do. Windows 10, is the most killer outcome from Microsoft, we all love it. The new windows 10-anniversary update is even better. Other operating systems have advantages, though, yet they fail when it comes to choosing apps that matter to you.

Let’s start the drill down.

A. Productivity

01. Simplenote

Simplenote 🡭

As the name speaks for itself, notes – real-time sync, distraction-free writing, and word counter and text styling options. Bold, italic, and strikethrough and if you enable the markdown extension it will support more which you can read more about it here. Despite the fact that it doesn’t provide features as Evernote does nonetheless it’s a text-based writing tool. Recently Dropbox launched Paper to compete with other note-taking/ writing tools.

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There are several options to use this application as it provides enough for most platforms, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, and native web applications. Sharing your notes and printing them is just a click away. Overall this application is a must-have android app.

02. Grammarly

Grammarly ➜

Write error-free with this Grammar and Spell Checker. The free version detects 150+ style mistakes, and the premium version has a Plagiarism checker and plenty of predefined document types to get specific suggestions for corrections. Ginger is one reliable alternative to it and even offers an Android/iOS keyboard to check and remove spelling, grammar mistakes as you type.

03. Voice to Text App

Well, chrome makes it super easy to utilize the Google API that converts voice into text. You must be aware of Google Docs’s built-in voice-to-text feature. Fortunately, there are a bunch of websites providing you the ability to write by your voice. One good site for this purpose is speechnotes, also a chrome extension is available to write with your voice to any website.

B. Internet browsing

Hail, hail, nothing is close to Google Chrome when it comes to security with speed, Chrome gets regular updates. There are several Chrome variants for different users, Canary for example which comes with the latest features. Google Chrome is the only browser that currently supports Voice API and many more hidden features. You can turn on full material design in chrome to make it looks even better.

MAC users can also install the Chrome Browser, yet there are some alternative browsers as well.

04. Vivaldi

A new web browser and based on the same Chromium project that powers Chrome. It does get pretty features from customization to speed. Read more about Vivaldi

C. Entertainment

05. KMPLAYER | Potplayer

7 Best Video Players For Windows

KMP is one of our favorite media players of all time, supports almost every kind of media format, even VR or 3D files, and KMP can play all. Customization support for subtitles and everything that matters seeking a video file is fast and accurate with arrow keys. Some of the best useful keyboard shortcuts are CTRL+X to toggle audio stream, Enter to Fullscreen, and ‘[ / ]’ keys to subtitle sync.

06. VLC

This tiny little robot is famous, very famous. It also can play any media format and search, and downloading subtitles are just a matter of 2-3 clicks. We use to call it a multi-tool because it can play a video from an URL, supports additional audio files, and converts files into one another format. The desktop mode plays videos on your desktop screen.

Both media players support audio and subtitle sync.

D. Everything else

More apps that you can install and make your windows a super machine.

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07. XION Audio player


What is your favorite audio player? Media player that comes preloaded with Windows? Try Xion audio player, supports most of the audio formats and is fast, crossfader, equalizer. Also one of the best parts is it only need tiny Cpu and Ram consumption.

08. RIOT 🡭


Riot is an image encoder that makes the Image file size smaller. The new png compressor can be a little sluggish but worth it, how many spaces your photos are taking, do you take photos with your camera and Phone, make sure to try Riot to give photos the file size, they deserve.

09. TheRenamer

Update: The last version was released in 2014, which worked great until IMDB launched v2 and Windows 10 latest version does not run the software anymore. Please use “Rename my TV series” as an alternative.

Everyone loves TV serials on a laptop or computer, does not matter if the program airs in your country or another. I personally have a folder on my PC, where you can find at least 20 Serials. So how to rename all those serial’s name with the understandable name.

Here comes the TheRenamer, select all episodes files and drag them to this too, it auto fetches details of serial episodes and with one click you can rename all of the episodes at once. In settings, you can choose the rename settings.


Unless you are a professional photo editor who cannot leave without Photoshop and some other high-end photo editing tools, paint.net is all you need. It supports editing transparent (png) images and inbuilt effects. While maintaining the lightweight size, this program can easily be a paint or GIMP alternative for daily purpose.

Paint.Net Features.

  • Support PNG/ JPG / BMP and other image file formats.
  • Supports layer editing / Transparent Elements.
  • Basic image editing features, cut, crop, magic hand,
  • Fine tune your photos with Effects included in pain.net

The traditional photo editing comes with windows in Paint, that does reduce the overall quality when you save images, Paint.Net is a similar editing tool with basic and powerful features. It is a Photo editor for Windows 10 free and lifetime updates.

11. Notepad++

More powerful, various language highlighting and way better than Notepad. It remembers your last working location and will open the directory next time you open it. It also supports decode and encoding of Base64. Notepad ++ is not just a text editor — it is more than that. It has so many features that we can not sum up all here.

Internet Security

12. Zenmate

This free Chrome extension provides a 24×7 proxy, so hiding IP is nothing to concern when you have enabled it. The free tier lets you choose from 4 locations, for a week you’ll get premium service meaning you can choose from many locations. However, you may see some upgrades pop-ups from the extension, but they won’t bother you when you click on close button.

13. Connectify

Turns your laptop into a portable hotspot, share your laptop’s internet with other devices, this feature is in connectivity Pro which is a paid version. However, mHotspot is a free alternative.

Update: Windows 10 latest insider builds comes with a brand new feature called Mobile Hotpost, that create a hotspot with a single click.

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