8 Best Gmail Alternatives of 2017

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  1. Oscar Hinman says:

    With the possible exception of Tutanota, every provider on your list has, at best, equivocal and, at worst, predatory terms of use that, just like Google, attempt to extinguish liability for the provider, and offer token, if any, protection for the user’s identity or personal information. Sure, they’ll tell you the data is “aggregated” and “anonymized,” but at what point does a company that knows your age, address, height, weight, diet, career, favorite songs, favorites movies, allergies, medical conditions, prescriptions, banking habits, friends, family, hopes, dreams, and fears even NEED a name to identify you – the rest of the data makes your name seem irrelevant. This is a terribly misguided post and likely another cheap iteration of the content-optimization fad. Most of the web is garbage, that garbage is indexed and curated, and ultimately, in my opinion, the web will die by the strengths that allowed it to exist – redundancy, only its death will not be the fault of hardware or software, but rather the choice of its users to make, reward, or permit the cancerous spread of empty content that was primarily intended to please a search algorithm and is only human readable by said algorithm’s requirements.

    The Internet was for people, for humans. Google is for Google. A distinction worth remembering: humans walk, Google crawls.

  2. AJ says:

    Hello, Mr. Hinman,

    While I cannot comment about the email providers directly (I haven’t found suitable replacements for those I currently use), I just wanted to let you know that I think your comment has a lot of validity and I appreciated reading it.

    I wish I could PM you, but since I can’t: I just want to add that if you repost this information, in order to make sure you point isn’t lost in a block of text, I’d start a new paragraph with the ‘Sure’ that starts the second sentence and with the ‘Most’ of “Most of the web is garbage…”, I think you’ll reach a wider audience because of how the internet has taught us unreading, and we’ve turned to skimming (if even taking in that much detail).

    All in all, very well said.

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