30 Best Freeware Programs and Tools to ease life


The Internet is filled with crap, bloatware and things you don’t need. But there are some programs, online tools and websites that are free and at the same time are useful. This is a comprehensive article to collect all the useful programs and resources that will help you in doing a thing in a better way.

1. A web browser is a soul of a computer, so far you know the Google Chrome, even Firefox, But there are some Web Browsers with unique features and sublime interface.

6 Best Browsers For Windows 10

2. What’s the best Notepad replacement out there? Notepad++ right? We all know that! Ever heard of XML Notepad? It’s a free XML editor and works great! Or what about PSPad? It’s a very nice code and text editor also.

3. Evernote is one best note taking the app, but this is just not the only, here are some other best writing and note-taking app.

5 Best Web Writing Online Tools

The Best Evernote Alternatives Apps of 2017

Dropbox Paper Alternatives: 5 Best Apps

13 Fast and Best Note Taking Apps (One You Need Today)

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5. There are many times you need to convert a video to another format, try this simple site to do it effortlessly. ww.online-convert.com

6. Speaking again of converting files, extracting audio from any video is possible both online and offline. Totally free too.

Extract Audio From Video/Movie of Any Format, Online, and Offline

7. Still using Facebook’s web chat interface? That’s tiny, and oh that’s sucks I know. Open Messenger.com on your Chrome browser and start chatting, full screen. Even get a darker interface on it.

Install Dark Theme For Facebook Messenger Web (Google Chrome)

8. Everyone loves to keep talking or suggesting VLC media player, why not you guys try the flagship killer KMPlayer (KMP), faster seeks and all the settings you need. I am not kidding, yes Every setting you could have to imagine to have on a Media player.

4 Best Video Players For Windows 10 You need One – Quickfever

9. Since we are a fan of online tools, did you tried online audio cutter or audio joiner?

10. Did you use all the essential Windows app on your computer? Nah? Not Sure? Check these must have Windows 10 apps. (even if you have Windows 7 or 8, check also)

Quickfever’s List for Windows: Best Essential Windows Apps

11. So you’re a video maker, or a youtube, Adobe Premiere or Vagas Pro, that’s all you know. Because they are expensive and so damn hot-and with loads of options to fill magic in your video, This can be true at a point. But, you really don’t have to use them, there are some free alternatives to video making software you wish you would know earlier.

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13. VLC and KMPlayer literally play anything you drag into them, if not use a program called CodecInstaller to learn what codes are needed to play a particular file format or encoding.

14. Need to access your computer screen from other devices, Team Viewer is a good choice, as well as the best desktop remote access software and other screen sharing tools. So you can even play your PC laying on the bed.

6 Remote Access Software Better than TeamViewer and LogMeIn

Best Remote Desktop Access Software better than TeamViewer

15. The most used program on your computer is Windows Explorer, but do you know about Immersive Explorer? That’s a metro design based file explorer for Windows.

16. Is your computer came with those unwanted programs which you cannot find after a standard Windows installation. It’s a right time to remove those crap using “PC Decrapifier.”

17. Using an FTP client? Probably FileZilla if I guessed right. CyberCloud is an advanced FTP client that does more than that; it supports sftp, WebDAV, even Google Drive, etc.

18. Ever needed to Burn an ISO file to a USB drive? It can be very easy with a small tool called “Rufus.”

How to Burn Disc Image (ISO & IMG) in Windows 10, 7 or 8

19. Windows 10 have a new Photos app to view Pictures. Missing the old Windows Photo Viewer?

Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10: How to Enable, Restore it

20. Do you like to listen to music online? Even according to your mood. Check out the linked guide where we’ve mentioned some best music streaming sites.

Top Music Streaming Sites Out there for Free Music

21. You can play those Nintendo games on your Windows, for that you need a SNES emulator. These are the best emulators out there.

22. Speaking of Emulators, Android emulators are easy to run on a Windows machine, Here are our picks of best android emulators. Even though, you install Android on your computer too if you’re feeling less.

23. Deleting files like permanently, simply emptying recycle bin won’t delete them, it just erases the reference, and unless another file is written in the sector, data will be there. Unless if you don’t mind wiping your hard drive, Eraser is an excellent tool to deal with individual files and folder you want to delete like in real.