How to Install Windows 10 Build 1809 on your computer step-by-step

This article includes steps after you’ve created a Windows 10 bootable media device (either using an ISO or media creator tool. If you didn’t know by now, or to make Bootable USB using a Windows 10 ISO read this guide.

Once you created Window 10 Installation Media, follow these steps one by one.

Booting into Windows 10 Setup.

Plug the bootable media device or DVD and start your computer, access the “Boot from” option and select the drive before the computer boots to the currently installed operating system. On my HP laptop, Pressing the F9 key loads the option to choose the USB Drive to boot to the Windows 10 setup.

| You can also go to your BIOS setting and prioritize the bootable media device, so your computer can understand that you want to from that particular drive in which you have windows setup.

Initial Setup / Phase 1

If you have done this correctly you will see this screen. From here you can decide which languages you have to install and time and currency format. Apart from this, the third option is given to you for keyboard input method. After selecting the three options, you can click on the Next button.

How to install Window 10

On the next screen, you will see a big Install Now button you have to click on that button.

Note: Don’t click the repair button, it doesn’t help in fresh windows installation.

How to install Window 10

You will have to accept Microsoft’s application notice and license terms.

Microsoft rules when installing Windows 10 to your computera

Choose Custom: Install Windows only: As we advise always backup your files from HDD/SDD and do a fresh (clean) installation of WIndows 10.

Now the setup will ask you which kind of installation do you want. The Custom option will lead you to the fresh installation of windows 10. The Upgrade option will take extra time and might be a little harsh on your computer and time.

Clean install window 10 guide

The next screen will ask where to install Windows 10, you’re supposed to install it on the first partition. At that point, it allows modification such as creating, deleting and formatting. Choose where you want to install windows, make sure that partition has enough space.

From here Windows setup will start copying files to your computer, the process goes from 0 to 100% and after that, it will ask you to restart your computer or will automatically re-start computer after 10 seconds.

installing windows 10 on your computer

Windows 10 Setup Phase 2

Now remove any bootable media device, in the second phase of setup, select language, and keyboard language.

(optional) If needed add a second keyboard layout.

adding second keyboard while installing windows 10

Name the PC, also you can set a password or sign-in with a microsoft account. If you don’t like entering password each time, simply leave the password field.

Install windows 10, name screen

You’ll be asked a few other steps in which you can enable Cortana, configure privacy setting and connect to a network.

Windows 10 Desktop, September 2017

Giving your Windows 10 First Magic-Touch.

  1. List for Windows: Best Essential Windows Apps and useful software.
  2. Enable desktop icons: Right click on the desktop and select personalize, select desktop icons and select Computer
  3. You may want to remove windows 10 forced apps and advertisements, As Windows 10 occasionally install several apps and games on your device that consume bandwidth, moreover disable automatic update service to permanently strict-auto-app-installs.
  4. Enable transparent taskbar or to change the color.
  5. More windows 10 registry tweaks.

Did you installed windows 10 successfully, or faced some issues? tell us in the comment section.

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